Deluxe Tybee Wedding Ceremony

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Deluxe Savannah Beach Wedding Ceremony Packages

Ceremony on the Tybee Island Beach

Officiant to perform your ceremony~ custom vows included

Sand Ceremony included~

Custom colors available

Deluxe Bamboo Arch~

white fabric,colorful satin sashes & simple greenery included

Fresh flower petal aisle included

White folding chairs on the Tybee beach

White fabric chair covers

fabric sashes- bride's choice color

Bridal flowers to include~

Bride's bouquet

Groom's boutonniere

3 bridesmaid's bouquets

3 groomsmen's boutonnieres

1 flower girl basket

2 mother's corsages

Filing of VIP documents including:Tybee Island beach permit & submitting the

required wedding license legalizing your marriage

Keepsake certificate of Marriage

Unlimited email communications

Scheduled phone conferences

One personalized consultation

See our helpful flower, decor and cake pages to add to this deluxe package...

Your Deluxe Tybee Wedding Ceremony on the beach..


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What makes an all inclusive Savannah Beach  wedding package different?


  Truly all inclusive Tybee Beach wedding packages include everything required for the event.The Tybee Island wedding company handles:

Coordinating Beach wedding staff,creating menus,arranging for delivery of cake,chairs,linens,flowers and more.

The Savannah Beach Wedding company will painstakingly and professionally manage the details of the Tybee Island Wedding or event from the day the bride books,

until the last guest has left the reception, and the reception location is dismantled and every vendor has gone.

An Truly all inclusive Savannah Beach wedding package should include coordination of the entire event and all the vendors for a successful Tybee Island wedding (caterer, baker, photographer, videographer, minister, locations, florist, staff, setup crew, cleanup crew, coordination crew, bartenders, servers, live music, DJ, linen rentals, chair cover rentals,tent, table and chair rentals etc).


 The beauty of an all inclusive Savannah Beach wedding package is that the bride gets all of the details handled with very little effort on her part, a stress free beach wedding planning process & the very best Tybee Island wedding vendors at steep discounts.

 It woould take hundreds of hours of work and cost  much more for the bride to go out and try and handle her Savannah beach wedding details herself than it would to buy a complete Tybee Island wedding package.

Added bonuses are that she gets full coordination and a professional staff and crew, most importantly, peace of mind that her day will be handled by the best and with the utmost care.Our Savannah Beach Wedding planners are experienced and use their knowledge and expertise to insure the quality and presentation of your Tybee Island wedding or event.

 Our complete Tybee Island wedding package prices even have the tax & gratuities included.


                                                                       What is All inclusive?

With an all inclusive Savannah Beach wedding package, "all inclusive"  means all the hard work is taken care of and the bride makes all the fun decisions.



How do all inclusive Tybee Island wedding packages simplify a bride's work in setting up the event?


All inclusive Savannah Beach wedding packages save brides over 100 hours of work!

Planning and putting together the specifics of a full-scale event,which a wedding is, takes numerous hours and Tybee Island Wedding & Event expertise.


With our complete Savannah Beach wedding packages,

the bride gets the best professional vendors.

All inclusive wedding companies represent volume business for vendors.

 The bride and groom are one-time clients

and do not have the bargaining power that a volume client does.

Many all inclusive wedding companies use their bargaining power to save

brides money and time.

This also enables wedding companies to offer an exceptional Tybee Island wedding package that the bride & groom may not have been able to afford if they had attempted to put together on their own.

With an all inclusive Savannah Beach wedding you don't have to worry about:


    Performing endless vendor interviews.

    Mailing out several different deposits and contracts.

    Orchestrating who arrives when.

    Will the tables and linens be delivered and setup before the cake arrives?

    Who will setup the tables?

    Who will pick up the linens, set them up, and then return them?

    Who will pick up and setup all the chairs, linens, favors, flowers, decorations, bar, beverage table, gift table, sign in table, buffet tables?

    Who will run the buffet and keep it stocked?

    Who will cleanup after the ceremony, reception and the kitchen at the end of the night?

    Who will clean and package up the bridal keepsakes at the end of the night?

    Who will cut and serve the cake and champagne?

    What happens when the florist gets sick the morning of the wedding ?

and can't deliver the flowers?

    Who will run out to find someone, somewhere?

    Triple confirming arrival times and services with vendors.


When the bride gets 15 more RSVP's trickling in 18 days before the wedding,

the wedding company callsand arranges for 15 more plates, 15 more glasses, 15 more slices of cake, 2 more tables, 2 more table cloths,

15 more napkins, 15 more sets of silverware, more beverages, more food;


the bride and her familycan relax knowing this is being handled by

the Savannah Beach wedding planner and actually enjoy the days leading up to the big event.




More brides and grooms are choosing all inclusive Savannah Beach destination wedding packages.

Buying a complete Tybee Island wedding package you can customize to your own tastes and desires--

while getting a better price than if you did it yourself ,can't be beat.

Couples should shop around to see what it wouldcost them to piece together their own wedding

(not to mention their time, usually over 100 hours), then compare it to the

Complete Savannah beach wedding packages that are available with us.


Our Goal is to give you the wedding of your dreams! Let us take care of the details!


Just bring your fiance and a smile, we'll take care of the rest...

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